Back to the Future

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This exercise is designed to help you to dream without holding yourself back. Some questions will trigger all sorts of ideas and others won’t and that is fine. But do write everything down, even the dreams and visions that seem totally unobtainable to you, they give us important information about the experiences we are most craving in life…

Turn to the blank ‘notes’ pages in the back of your Goodbye Hello journal, take out a notebook or open a new doc on your computer and write your answers as you read through the questions below…

Take yourself into the future. You’re 80. It’s your birthday and you are spending it in a place you love with the people that you love, doing what you love.

During the day you take a quiet moment to reflect on your life and in particular your life from 2017 when you started to really design a life for yourself that you loved.

Now imagine you’ve taken a moment for some quiet reflection. You are thinking back over your 80 years and are feeling truly thankful for the life that you have enjoyed. You ended up doing work that you loved, you lived, worked and played in environments in which you thrived, you had deep and loving relationships, your days were filled with activities that made you come alive and you felt a deep sense of fulfilment and gratitude for the life you got to live.

So let’s take a closer look at what your life was filled up with over the years. If you draw any blanks as we do this, don’t panic, you can come back to it later.

  • What was your home life like?

  • What were your homes like?

  • What did you do on weekends and holidays?

  • Did you ever take big chunks of time off from work? What did you do during those times

  • What were some of your greatest experiences and adventures?

  • What were your daily simple pleasures in life?

  • You ended up finding work that you loved to do and enjoyed spending time dedicated to it, what did you end up doing?

  • What activities were involved in your work that you enjoyed so much?

  • What kinds of people did you work with that made you enjoy it?

  • Why did you love your work so much?

  • What did it give you the opportunity to do and experience?

  • What people did you spend your life with?

  • How did you spend your time together?

  • As you look back on your life now, with no regrets, proud that you followed your dreams and designed a life to your own rules, what advice would you like to send back to the person you were in 2018/2019. What words of encouragement would you like to send back to the person you were then?

Now as you read back through your answers, what do your answers tell you about what seems to be important to you?

How can you bring more of these ingredients into your life now?

And what would have to change in your life for it to be FULL of these ingredients?

Now go back to the dreaming exercise in your Goodbye Hello journal and see if you can now add anything new to it.